construction management

Building supervision – legislation

According to § 46b Act No. 50/1976 Coll. On Land-use Planning and Building Order (the Building Act) from April 27, 1976 (state to the date: May 6, 2009):

Person carrying out the building supervision:

  1. monitors the manner and procedure of carrying out the construction to secure the safety and protection of health at work, proper installation and operation of technical facilities on the site, professional storing of building products and materials, suitability of their use and professional storing of machines and equipment; and he also monitors keeping the records in the site diary.
  2. is responsible for conformity of the spatial position with documentation of the construction, for observance of general requirements for construction and is co-responsible for keeping the conditions of decisions issued for carrying out of construction especially the land-use decision and building permission,
  3. affects the defects removal that he found out on the site; if it is not possible to remove the defect within the performance of building supervision, he shall inform the building office without any delay.
    • According to Article II section 7 Act No.136/1995 Coll. from June 26, 1995 about professional competence for specific activities in construction and changes and amendments of Act No. 50/1976 Coll. about Land-use planning and Building order as amended in later regulations.
  4. Building supervision is an activity to monitor whether the construction is being carried out according to the project documentation and conditions in building permission, whether safety, life and health protection on the building site are secured, whether the effects on environment are not harmful and damaging to greater extent than it is given in the specific regulations or whether public interests are not jeopardized.

Building supervision is according to § 45 Act No. 50/1976 Coll. (Building Act) a selected activity in construction defined as management of building construction.